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Tetra SafeStart - 100ml

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The Tetra range offers aquarium owners a wide variety of products for the creation and maintenance of healthy aquarium water. As with Tetra foods, all care products and treatments are the result of unrivalled investment in R&D, and more than 50 years experience within the industry. Every batch of Tetra product is subjected to stringent quality control checking to ensure its accuracy and safety prior to release for sale, thereby ensuring consistent and reliable product performance
Establishes a faster and safer aquarium start
SafeStart contains unique patented living bacteria known to safely reduce toxic ammonia and nitrite in aquariums
Reduces the ammonia content by up to the fourteenfold and the nitrite content by up to the tenfold
To be used when setting up a new aquarium but also after remedy treatment and after every water change
Ideal combination to SafeStart is AquaSafe establishing an ideal environment for bacteria by means of the BioExtract formula
Durable for 12 months without any refrigeration at temperatures between 2∞C and 30∞C
For all fresh water aquaria
Product Brand: Tetra
Product Code: 387114
Our Price: £13.20


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